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How does the Bombi 3-step routine work to disrupt the acne cycle?

Because acne breakouts form silently under the skin, it’s important to use the Bombi 3-step routine daily, AM to PM, to help break the acne cycle. Each step in the system is designed to work synergistically with the others and contain acne fighting ingredients which go to work early in the cycle to help prevent clogged pores and keep you from breaking out. Nothing can completely cure acne, but with the daily use of Bombi you can help treat mild-to-moderate acne and prevent future breakouts. For more on how Bombi can help break the acne cycle, click here.

When should I use my Bombi 3-step routine for the best overall results?

Your Bombi 3-step routine should be used twice a day, morning and night. For more information on how to use our products, please refer to the instructions provided on the package or in the user manual.

Do I need to use all the steps with each use to get results with the Bombi 3-step routine?

Yes. It's important to use your Bombi 3-step routine as directed. The steps work synergistically, each building from the previous step, to address skincare and the complex condition of acne. Remember, acne is not curable, and it is chronic, so continued daily treatment is necessary to prevent breakouts.

It is important to note, that the second step in your routine (exfoliation) should be used with caution, should you experience signs of irritation. Although our multi-acid resurfacing pads are designed to be used daily, it is always sensible to build up usage slowly if you are new to acid-based exfoliators Begin using them once a week after cleansing and before bed, building up to daily use at night and finally daily use morning and evening.

When will I see results?

Results will vary. Everyone's skin is different and, for some people, it may take longer than others to see results. The golden rule however, is that you should be prepared for the fact that it might become worse, before it gets better. Just hang in there, and your dedication will pay off!

My skin is looking clear. Do I have to keep using the 3-step Bombi routine twice a day, every day?

It’s important to know that acne is not curable, but it is treatable, manageable and preventable. If Bombi is working, keep it up and implement it as your daily care regimen as you would do with any other product. 

There is no limit to the length of time you can use our routine. If you discontinue using Bombi, your blemishes are likely to return (as with any other product or brand) because the key causes of acne are a roller coaster of hormonal and genetic events. Teen acne lasts, on average, 5 to 7 years; adult acne can last 20-plus years.

Is the Bombi 3-step routine safe for women who are pregnant or nursing?

Pregnancy is such a beautiful miracle. However, it can come with many highs and lows and so many uncertainties, especially for first-time moms. 

The Bombi 3-step routine is safe to use throughout your pregnancy and during breastfeeding, with special emphasis on our anti-breakout emulsion containing the retinoid derivative retinaldehyde, because the percentage of retinaldehyde does not exceed the recommended dosage for safety and does not enter the bloodstream. However, if you really want to be certain, always consult with your health care professional.

Does the Bombi 3-step routine come with any side effects?

Side effects are usually mild and may include drying and irritation in some users. To test for an adverse reaction to your Bombi 3-step routine, apply the products to a small patch of affected skin during the first three days. A small group of people may be hypersensitive to active ingredients such as retinaldehyde, salicylic acid, or glycolic acid. If you are one of those people, you should not use a product without first discussing use with your healthcare provider. For a full list of product ingredients, please refer to the product packaging.

For side effects specific to the retinaldehyde content in our Anti-Breakout Emulsion, please see retinization in this FAQ’s section for further details.

Stop use and ask a doctor if irritation becomes severe, or you have symptoms of an allergic reaction (such as itching, rash, hives, swelling of the lips, eyelids, and shortness of breath).

Is the Bombi 3-step routine suitable for all ethnicities and skin types?

Yes. Our Bombi 3-step routine products are designed for acne-prone skin. No matter your ethnicity or skin type – dry, oily, combination, normal or sensitive – Bombi made sure it can be used on any combination skin.

Can I use other skincare products while using the Bombi 3-step routine?

Yes, you can use other skincare products but please be mindful of a few very important issues. 

First, be certain that any product you apply to your skin is labeled "non-comedogenic" which means it is designed to not clog pores. Second, the Bombi 3-step routine is designed to preclude the need for additional skincare products, such as an added moisturizer. 

Always keep in mind, you do not need to follow an anything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach. Less is definitely better! Especially with conditions like acne.

If I have a skin condition such as eczema, psoriasis or rosacea, can I use the Bombi 3-step routine?

If you suffer from a skin condition other than, or in addition to acne, we recommend talking with your skincare professional before trying any acne treatments.

Does the Bombi 3-step routine help treat my acne scars?

No, unfortunately, the Bombi 3-step routine is not designed to help with existing scars, although the formation of new scars can be prevented by using our routine religiously. 

Our best recommendation for treating existing scars is to see your dermatologist. Thanks to advances in medicine and technology, your dermatologist can offer safe and effective options for your acne scars.

Can the Bombi 3-step routine work on cystic and nodular acne?

No. We suggest that you consult a dermatologist or physician for severe cystic or nodular acne. Generally speaking, the more advanced cases of cystic and nodular acne – large, deep, painful bumps filled with blood and pus that can linger under the skin's surface for weeks or months – are the most likely to scar. It's especially critical to take all possible measures to manage this condition.

What is retinization?

Retinization is the adjustment period in which the skin becomes acclimated to a retinoid. During this time, skin may become irritated, resulting in dryness, scaling, redness and burning/stinging. 

These symptoms usually peak at the two-to four-week mark before subsiding but they can happen at any time depending on your skin’s sensitivity. Not everyone will experience these side effects and in clinical studies, average side effects were less than mild. Using a non-medicated moisturizer can help relieve the dryness associated with retinization.

For more information on retinoids, retinaldehyde and retinization, click here.

If I experience retinization, should I discontinue using the Bombi 3-step routine?

It is important to keep using the Bombi 3-step routing twice daily to achieve maximum results. If irritation occurs, it usually begins to lessen after two weeks of continued, twice-daily use. But if irritation is severe, you should discontinue use and consult a health care professional.

For more information on retinoids, retinaldehyde and retinization, click here.

My condition seems to get worse at first. Do I need to stop using the Bombi 3-step routine?

The active ingredients in acne treatment products have several “side effects” that can initially cause the acne to get worse while before producing the expected improvement, including:

• Exfoliation of the skin

• Increased cell turnover

• Rapid destruction of acne bacteria

Some of the Bombi product ingredients are essentially causing the skin's upper layers to shed off while “pushing” all the gunk, sebum, and bacteria in your skin out to the surface. The pimples and cysts that would otherwise have come to the surface in future weeks and months start to come out much more quickly and seemingly all at once....oh acne, the gift that keeps on giving!

Together, the effects trigger an immune response in your skin — essentially an overreaction of the body to “send help” to the skin. This causes an increase in inflammation, which intensifies the new and existing breakouts (also known as “purging”).

Keep in mind these effects are only temporary. It gets worse before it gets better. Just hang in there!

For more information on purging, click here.

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